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Local and Regional Food Systems Bring Value to Communities by:

  • generating economic development
  • creating relationships between residents, farmers and businesses
  • preserving and protecting farm land
  • supporting healthy lifestyles

All of us rely on the food system, but it’s not always clear what role we play or how we can make it better. Nebraska Extension is poised to assist all Nebraskans to become better acquainted with their food system and to work with communities across the state to embark on building a food system that meets the needs of everyone.

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Our Values


Creating spaces that are inviting to all, and proactively seeking and engaging non-traditional partners.

Shared Ownership

Fostering shared responsibility, collaborative decision making, and participation so all voices have impact.

Trustworthy Sources

Evidence-based sources of information and fact-driven decision making.

Iterative Process

A constant cycle of experimenting, learning, and adapting in order to respond to emerging needs.

Accessible Information

Clear, accessible language and data shared openly for public use.

Sectors of the Food System

Extension is using the framework below to help organize the work we are doing across the food system. Click on each to find resources and learn more about our partners and programs.

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Distribution & Marketing

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Resource Management

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Meet the Team

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